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Memoirs of a Mango

Jeannie Rhoades

I came to Castañer during a vacation from school '
and I found in Castañer an even greater chance to learn.
I learned the taste of mango, passion fruit, and guave
and the smell of garlic with aregano and coffee brewing.
I learned that there are 602 curves between Castañer and Ponce.
and that standing up in the Land Rover is easier than
sitting down.

I learned the sound of the "publico" horn when I was
trying to sleep

and the sound of the ice cream truck during the Sunday sermon
I learned that you can't avoid mimi bites or stepping on toads
at night

and you can't avoid filling the nursery when the moon is full
I learned the beauty of coral in the odean depths
and the cheer of periwinkles nodding on Guilarte's slopes
I learned to love Castañer...her sights, her smells, her tastes
and her sounds

and, especially, I learned to love her people...people
I will never forget"

I learned that you don't say "adios" when you leave Castañer ;
you say "hasta luego!"