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Salto de Guayo
Castañer is a small community in the center of the island of Puerto Rico. It is surrounded by rough mountainous terrain. Because of the isolation and difficulty in reaching this area, it was the last refuge of the Puerto Rican Indians (this area is called the Indieras). It was slow to develop and in the 1930s the PRRA established a community here. During the WW2 the Church of the Brethren established a hospital there because of Castañer's isolation, building upon what the PRRA had started. The Hospital expanded and is now a modern hospital serving the Castañer area.

Castañer was initially known as Los Rabanos, the name was changed to reflect the original owners of the large farm that was the center of this area. The center of town is still call Los Rabanos.

Juan Castañer had a large farm in this area. It had started in 1868 as a small parcel of land that grew to a maximum of 2,441.25 "cuerdas" (cuerda is slightly less than 1 acre) by 1914 of which 1,500 were dedicated to coffee.

In the decade of 1930 the descendants of don Juan Castañer sold the hacienda Castaner to the Puerto Rican Government. This was parceled out to the previous workers of the farm and to the local population of the barrio Bartolo of Lares. The population started settling near the old hacienda buildings, thus starting the nucleus of the community that will become Castaner.

For more photos go to Tom Lehman's photo colection of La Plata, Castaner, El Guacio and other places in Puerto Rico during the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's.

I have added Google Maps to the Web Site, Please enjoy.

I need help in planning a photo contest, those interested in helping please contact me.


PO BOX 1003
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Post Office Name: Castaner
ZipCode: 00631
Counties: Lares / Adjuntas / Yauco / Maricao
Area Code: (787) XXX-XXXX
Timezone: Atlantic (Standard Time: GMT -4 hours, EST+1 hours, No change for DST)
Latitude: +18.269187 (N)
Longitude: -066.864993 (W)

Castaner Gas stations-2
Castaner Restaurants-5
Castaner Churches-5
Castaner Pizza
Castaner coffe haciendas
Castaner Police
Castaner Fire Dept
Castaner Heliport
Castaner Gymnasium
Castaner Sports
    Baseball diamond
    Covered Basketball/Volleyball court
    Weight lifting
    Sport fishing
Castaner lake - 11.1 square miles
    Lago Guayo-sport fishing


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13 Festival de la Artesania y Concurso de trovadores Castañer 2009-->
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(54) Castañer in Apopka FL #2 (picnic 2009)
(19) Castañer in Apopka FL #1 (picnic 2008)

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